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Galliano Out at Dior for verbal abuse and anti-Semitic slurs

Following recent allegations made against Dior creative director John Galliano for verbal abuse and the release of a cell-phone video with Galliano making highly offensive and racist remarks, Dior has announced that Galliano has been freed of all his duties at the fashion house, effective immediately.

As a reminder, Galliano has been caught on tape ranting “I love Hitler” and telling a nearby patron at a Paris café “people like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be gassed”. Despite the fact that he was clearly intoxicated at the time the video was taken, Galliano has managed to cause distress and create a public relations frenzy to both his employer and himself. 

From a communication perspective, Dior has handled the situation relatively well. As soon as allegations against Galliano emerged in the press, Dior announced that the designer will be suspended until they investigate the alleged anti-semitic remarks that initially landed the designer in jail. Dior immediately issued an official statement regarding the incident, emphasizing its zero tolerance towards any anti-Semitic or racist behavior. Furthermore, once it was established that Galliano indeed was responsible for disrespectful conduct, Dior immediately followed up with a release calling Galliano’s behavior highly offensive and announcing that he would be let go.

Dior not only managed to separate itself from any association with Galliano in this unfortunate moment, but have displayed high levels of sensitivity when it comes down to racism, sticking to their core values. Whether their upcoming show (with Galliano designs) will still be showcased remains to be seen, and how the fashion house handles the situation further will certainly have major implications on their standing in the society and overall image in the industry.

Morale of the story- A. Nobody is irreplaceable and B. Show must go on!