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Galliano Out at Dior for verbal abuse and anti-Semitic slurs

Following recent allegations made against Dior creative director John Galliano for verbal abuse and the release of a cell-phone video with Galliano making highly offensive and racist remarks, Dior has announced that Galliano has been freed of all his duties at the fashion house, effective immediately.

As a reminder, Galliano has been caught on tape ranting “I love Hitler” and telling a nearby patron at a Paris café “people like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be gassed”. Despite the fact that he was clearly intoxicated at the time the video was taken, Galliano has managed to cause distress and create a public relations frenzy to both his employer and himself. 

From a communication perspective, Dior has handled the situation relatively well. As soon as allegations against Galliano emerged in the press, Dior announced that the designer will be suspended until they investigate the alleged anti-semitic remarks that initially landed the designer in jail. Dior immediately issued an official statement regarding the incident, emphasizing its zero tolerance towards any anti-Semitic or racist behavior. Furthermore, once it was established that Galliano indeed was responsible for disrespectful conduct, Dior immediately followed up with a release calling Galliano’s behavior highly offensive and announcing that he would be let go.

Dior not only managed to separate itself from any association with Galliano in this unfortunate moment, but have displayed high levels of sensitivity when it comes down to racism, sticking to their core values. Whether their upcoming show (with Galliano designs) will still be showcased remains to be seen, and how the fashion house handles the situation further will certainly have major implications on their standing in the society and overall image in the industry.

Morale of the story- A. Nobody is irreplaceable and B. Show must go on!


End of a Beginning

Just when I got accustomed to “forcing myself” to write 500 words each week, the social media course is approaching its end. To say the least, it was an intense journey.


What has blogging really brought into my life? To begin with, it has forced me to use my imagination, and think outside the box. Each week, I tried to come up with a topic that wasn’t consistent with my usual domain, and to explore things that I would normally not think about. Reading my classmates’ posts enabled me to see the world from their perspective, and to grasp at different ways a similar topic can be approached.  I always acknowledged the impact social media is having on the world we are currently a part of, but my blogging experience has given me a taste of how ‘powerful’ it can be to input and edit information for the whole world to see. I might not always say the right things, or have the correct approach to things I blog about, but my writing has been genuine in terms that it was honest, perhaps gullible at times, and always with the intention to spark conversation and engagement amongst those who cared to read it.

I was petrified of the technological implications this course brought along, but I feel more powerful as a PR professional having had the ability to experience and create some of the social media platforms.  At the beginning of my social media journey, I was worried about the technical adaptations I was never aware of in the past, but as the time progressed, my main consideration has been content. To my credit, I think that has been reflected in my writing over the past three months.

My biggest fear, at all times throughout this process, has been that of self-evaluation in terms of following. In other words, I was skeptical of whether people would care to skim through my website, read a line here and there, and at most, make some sort of a comment. To this day, I am afraid of the impact anything I say has on the society. The bottom line is- does anybody even care? If there is no following, what’s the point? Until today, the point was to pass the class, and get that check mark for maintaining a presence in the blogosphere on a weekly basis. But what happens when nobody expects you to say anything, and you are at liberty of exposing your mindset with the external world, at your own choosing?

Completion of the social media course will not signify my so-called resignation from the blogging world. I intend to maintain my presence, and provide perspectives and opinions to those interested in reading.  Hence, this is just the end of a beginning. Beginning of what? Stay tuned.

Why am I here today and what next?

Having graduated from college in the United States, completed four internships, and worked full-time at a New York City corporate communications firm, I sometimes have to pinch myself. I grew up in a part of the world where such opportunities were rarely possible, if ever. Though I’m proud of what I’ve already accomplished, I certainly have a sense that the best is yet to come and although my education and work-related experience have been fulfilling, I feel the immense need to further advance my knowledge and broaden my opportunities and personal expectations.

From an early age, it was evident that I would mature into becoming a communicator of some sort. In elementary school I naturally fell into the role of advisor, where fellow classmates came to me for advise and council when in need. During high school, I attracted a diverse-ranging network of friends and in university I evolved to non-chalantly seeking ways to contribute towards a smile on the face of a colleague or friend. I spent my time actively surrounding myself with others to avoid the displeasing feeling of being alone. I excelled amidst an audience because these are the moments I am most comfortable with myself and my full potential is reached. During the second year of university, I knew that I needed to take on more responsiblity and decided to implore my skills with a business partner to open a Karaoke bar located in Greece. Studio Bar Karaoke specializes in launching new talent while providing entertainment and opportunities to those wanting to enter the world of show business. It’s main concept is to help clients gain recognition and experience growth by creating branding, lifestyle events in search of establishing effective platforms for success.

I see myeself one day with a burgeoning career as a global communications specialist who will endorse her activities for the benefit of others in this global community of ours. A goal of mine has always been to apply a branded franchise model to the night life business. And naturally, one of my long-term goals involves becoming a part of the national campaign towards restoring the Serbian image. Sadly, for many reasons, my country’s reputation has been sullied in recent years and Serbia’s steady progress seems to go unnoticed. Quity simply, I’d like to change that.

As far as how social media “fits” into my short and long-term goals, the answer is simple. Learning how to handle and get the most out of this tool will allow me to achieve my objectives in a more efficient manner. Next week, I start a new internship at a boutique PR agency whose clients range from New York’s most established night clubs, to hotels, fashion designers and celebrities. During my interview process, my supervisors emphasized to me the importance of social media in their every-day work. To say the least, I now realize just how much I underestimated the power of facebook, twitter and blogging itself. Fortunately, I am given a chance to redeem myself. My new journey begins next week and I look forward to keeping you posted on my progress.

And don’t forget, social media success begins with each one of us!